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2/15/11 12:09AM - Culture Show Meeting @ Donna's place. Location info added to club news.

2/14/11 10:09PM - 2nd General Meeting set for Feb. 28th, 7-8pm Hildebrand B56. Workshop on Higher Education facilitated by Anira.

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2/13/11 12:45AM - Tickets for The Cultural Movement Show are Available for Purchase from Julie and KV. Tickets cost $13 which includes authentic Cambodian Lunch.

2/12/11 12:05AM - ADDED SF Asian Film Festival: Resident Alien to Club Events.

2/11/11 03:30PM - ADDED Who Killed Chea Vichea? Film Screening to University Events.

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club news bar

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BCSA Updates will be continue on our facebook page.


I know that there hasn't been much update on our official website but our activities are updated daily on our facebook page. Add us as a friend on our facebook page to keep up to date on what's going with BCSA and many other Cambodian related events in the Bay Area and throughout California and in the US.




2nd Gen. Meetingbcsa 2nd gen meeting

DATE: 09/29/11
TIME: 7 - 8PM

Our second general meeting will have a focus on Cambodian Traditional Dance and more info behind the upcoming Khmer Arts Ensemble that will be showcased in Zellerbach Theater this Sunday, October 2nd. Our agenda for discussion are:

  • khmer art ensemble & reception 10/02 and group ticket purchasing.
  • khmer student coalition conference 11/05-11/06.
  • AAA food festival 9/30.
  • cambodian conference @ csu long beach 10/08.
  • t-shirt design contest, social planning and many more...


Snacks and drinks will be provided :)





bcsa fall 2011 first gen flyerBCSA FALL 2011 FIRST GENERAL MEETING.

9/11/11 9:30PM

DATE: Thursday, 9/15,
TIME: 7:00 - 8:30PM
LOCATION: Wheeler Hall 202

Hello everyone,

BCSA will be having our First General Meeting on Thursday, Sept. 15 from 7 – 8:30pm in room Wheeler 202. For people who signed up on our contact list during Calapalooza, thanks again for showing interest in BCSA and hope to see all you in our meetings. In our First General meeting, we will be talking about the purpose of BCSA by providing information about annual events, events in the near future that BCSA will take part in and volunteering opportunities in and outside of Berkeley campus.

Our aim is to provide a friendly environment for all of our members, new and current, by engaging in primarily in Cambodian-related functions and collaborating with other organizations with similar interest. Our current agenda is to talk about the upcoming Khmer Art Ensemble concert for October 2, be a part of AAA (Asian-American Association) Food Festival on Sept 30th, KSCC (Khmer Student Coalition Conferencce) at UCLA in November and many other upcoming functions.

There will be food and drinks so hope to see everyone there.





spring 2011 collage

BCSA prepping for Fall 2011.

August 1st, 2011 -

Hello everyone, BCSA is prepping for the fall semester. Our first event will tabling for UC Berkeley's 2011 Calapalooza, which is an annual event running 3 years straight to introduce new and current students with a vast display of clubs and organizations and a variety of performances from their perspective clubs. BCSA will be tabling in either lower or upper Sproul with brochures and other good stuff so come by and not only check us out but also check out all of what Calapalooza has to offer :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011, 4:30-8pm
Upper and Lower Sproul Plaza

In the meantime, BCSA website will be in the process of massive updates for pics, vids, and other stories that transpired in the summer. There's a lot so this will be a forgoing process til school starts.





Conflict between Thai-Cambodian border heightens.

by KV 02/06/11

Shots rang and military weaponries crosses each other on Friday when allegations of who shot first continues to take the lives of one civilian and three military men, while displacing 18,000 civilians from both sides. The battle for Preah Vihear Temple between Thailand and Cambodia made headlines in 2008, but has been an ongoing feud for the last 50 years, in which bitter resentment for the control of Preah Vihear Temple resurrected again this last weekend.

thai-cambodian conflictthai-cambodian conflictarmy

The longevity of this clash comes from the official ownership of Preah Vihear Temple by Cambodia from an International agreement, but the surrounding lands that occupies the World Heritage Site seems to be controlled, by the most part, of Thai military sanctions. Despite the political backlash deriving from such a skirmish, the cultural resentment embedded by history of wars between Thailand and Cambodia may have long been hidden, but tragically comes to life when military arms and weaponries position themselves eagerly across the thin red line. While we all hope no more deaths from either side succumbs from a military mistake, it is with some hope that leaders from both sides proactively strive to end this conflict as soon as possible.

You can read more about this at CIAA News Media Blogsite.

khmer courses berkeley

Khmer Courses at Berkeley.

8/19/11 3:00PM

Recent budget cuts throughout California has affected many institutions, including UC Berkeley. From information given to me by Professor Edwards, 33% of language courses are cut and Southeast Asian instructors took pay cuts to fulfill the demand of the loss of funding. To curtail this opposition, the promotion of southeast asian language courses, especially Khmer, is much needed in order to sustain the viability of certain introductory courses for future students. So if you're a Cambodian descendent or just interested in learning about Cambodian culture, enroll in Khmer class through telebear and see where Khmer courses can lead you to. Non UC Berkeley students can also take these course through the process of auditing. For further information about auditing, people can email Lokru Frank Smith at


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Molly Sokhom, Cambodian Female Comedian.

9/5/11 9:00PM

lolEvent: Live Oak Laughs
Date: Saturday, Sept. 10, 2011
1301 Shattuck Ave.
Time: 8:30PM
Age: 18+
Cost: $5 for Students

email from Molly:


My name is Molly Sokhom and I work for the City of Berkeley, Recreation Division, but I’m also a part-time standup comedian. I may be the only female Cambodian comedian in the Bay Area right now and I wanted to reach out to organizations like BCSA that I’m here to entertain! Working for the City has given me opportunities to produce quality, entertaining comedy shows that are clean (material) and fun, for a really low price! I wanted to give the organization some details of an upcoming Standup Comedy Show that we’re producing called Live Oak Laughs. This will be held at Live Oak Theatre, 1301 Shattuck Ave on Saturday, September 10, 8:30pm.

We will have a special guest headliner, L.A. based Comedian, Eric Schwartz, AKA Smooth E! Eric has appeared on BET Showtime and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He will also be hosting a new Teens Quiz TV Show called “On the Spot” in September. Eric’s entertaining parodies and smooth moves will keep you laughing along with feature comic Dave Thomason who has performed at the 2009 Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival and the 2010 SF Sketchfest. Dave was a semi-finalist in the 2008 & 2009 National College Comedy Competition representing UC Berkeley!

I don’t have a website for my own comedy, but I can send a video clips and any clips of the other comics. I would absolutely love if we can get young people who love to laugh to come out to this show. It will be fun and amazing! The show is only $5 for students (ages 18+) and we can set up a reserve seating for large groups.

Please let me know if you have any questions or interested in setting up a group to come. Call or email me anytime and I will get back to you immediately. I’ve also attached the poster."


BCSA will coordinate with members and other people to go and support Molly. Further details to meet up soon. (Students can take bus 18 North on Shattuck and get off on Berryman St. one block past Safeways).

Facebook Event

khmer art ensembleKhmer Arts Ensemble

9/11/11 10:00PM

DATE: Sunday, 10/02/11
TIME: 3:00 - 6:00PM
LOCATION: Zellerbach Theater
TICKETS: Starting from $20 and up. (UCB Students get 50% off and regular students $5.00 off.)

Experimental and spiritual, classical, complex and powerful—these are just a few of the words that describe the unique work of choreographer Sophiline Cheam Shapiro. Since 2002, Shapiro has toured the world with her Khmer Arts Ensemble, dramatically expanding the repertory of Cambodian dance. In The Lives of Giants—featuring a company of 36 dancers, instrumentalists, and singers—a blind and vengeful giant wreaks havoc in the heavens. When tricked into using his ill-gotten weapon of destruction on himself, layers of elaborate deception are stripped away and his treachery is laid bare. "A gorgeous spectacle of contradictory sensations" (New York Times).

Tickets can be purchased online or at Zellerbach Ticket Booth. There is a $9 charge for online Ticket purchase.



DOWNLOAD PDF FLYER with Directions and more info.



Calapalooza 2011

When will Calapalooza be in fall 2011?

Thursday, August 25, 2011, 4:30-8pm
Upper and Lower Sproul Plaza

What is Calapalooza?

Calapalooza is Berkeley's annual new student activity fair, the heart of your Welcome experience. All new freshmen, transfer students, and participants in the Extension Fall Program for Freshmen are invited. You'll meet representatives from over 250 student organizations as well as view performances by student groups.

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