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Oakland Cambodian New Year 2011

oakland cambodian new year 2011



BCSA will be tabling at this event along with CCDI to fundraise for YCCL and CCDI.


Dengue Fever's New Album "Cannibal Courtship" including West Coast Tour.

dengue fever

NEW ALBUM COMES OUT APRIL 19TH, 2011 ---  The band's fourth album, Cannibal Courtship is due out this Spring from Fantasy Records / Concord, featuring eleven original songs by Dengue Fever, in English and Khmer.




Dengue Fever will be heading a West Coast Tour for the release of their 4th album entitled Cannibal Courtship. Following their release party in Los Angeles on April 19th, they will be traveling up to San Francisco to rock out in The Fillmore Theater the next day on the 20th. Their gig will start at 8pm. If you haven't heard of Dengue Fever, check out their music from their official and myspace page below.


Official Page --- Myspace Page --- Buy Tickets

San Francisco International Film Festival: Resident Alienresident alien

Saturday 3.12.11 @ 730pm
Sundance Kabuki Cinemas

Ross Tuttle / USA / 2011 / 50 min / World Premiere


In 2002, the United States began deporting former Cambodian refugees with criminal offenses, even those who had arrived as children or infants following the Cambodian genocide. RESIDENT ALIEN follows three such “returnees” as they adapt to an unfamiliar homeland after nearly a lifetime spent in the States; largely shunned by Cambodian society, with few skills and little money, they now must find a way to survive, or end up on the streets.

China vacillates between accepting that she’ll spend the rest of her life in Cambodia and shock that she’ll never again set foot in the United States. Her boyfriend Looney admits that he’s unhappy in their relationship, but is also completely dependent on her financially. The heart of the film, however, is KK, a breakdancer from Long Beach who struggles to show his family back home that he has changed for the better. Forced to leave his own young son in the States, he becomes a teacher and surrogate father to a breakdancing troupe of poor children in Cambodia (the Tiny Toones), with hope that it will save them from a life of poverty, and ultimately help him find his own path to redemption.




Monday, Feb 7th 7- 8 PM @ Hildebrand Hall Rm B56.

first general flyerHello!!!

The Berkeley Cambodian Student Association (BCSA) would like to invite you to our FIRST general meeting of the Spring 2011 semester! BCSA is open to ANYONE interested in Cambodia, Cambodian culture, and issues facing the Cambodian community. Come meet and bond with BCSA members and officers, both old and new. Whatever your interests, whether it’s learning more about Cambodian history and culture, volunteering in the Camb...odian community, or simply joining a FAMILY and having a safe space to be YOU... BCSA is the place to be!

Some exciting events we have in store this semester:

-Cambodian Americans Reclaiming Education (CARE) Mentorship Program pairs Cambodian middle school youth in Oakland with college mentors to promote Cambodian culture and higher education.

-BCSA’s 3rd Annual Culture Show will explore the beauty of Cambodian culture through song, traditional and modern dance, folktales, and much more! Seeking dancers, actors, poets, filmmakers, artists, etc!

-Collaborative projects with Cambodian Community Development, Inc., a nonprofit specifically serving Cambodians and Cambodian Americans the Bay Area. A great resource to get involved in local and national projects related to health, immigration, cultural preservation, and social justice. Can you SPEAK or UNDERSTAND Khmer? We need you!
More info at:

**We’ll also be providing information about Cambodia-related events/activities both on the Berkeley campus as well as throughout the Bay Area, CA, and the US!


facebook event


See you there!



cambodian new year 2011



I will be there as a photographer :)



cambodian bronzes

Ancient Cambodian Art to be display at The Getty Center in LA.

The Getty Center in Los Angeles will have a showing of Ancient Cambodian Bronze Art in their museum with an opening this Tuesday, February 22nd. A Lecture about the history, culture and prevelance about these bronzes art will be on Saturday March 5th. The entire "Gods of Angkor" collection exhibition will be on display in the museum from February 22nd til August 14th. As always, admissions to the Getty Center are free. If you will be in SoCal between these dates, drop by to witness a part of our culture that received little recognition in asian history books.

I will be spending my spring break in Los Angeles and Long Beach so I will make a trip to the museum during March 21st to 25th. Pictures and commentary will be made then. And thanks to Julie for sending me the link about this. For further information about the exhibition and details, the Getty Center official website link is below.

Getty Center

Cultural Movement for a New Beginning

Time: Saturday, March 19, 2011 · 11:00am - 3:00pm

Location: Eastside Arts Alliance 2277 International Blvd, Oakland, CA [driving directions]

Created By Cambodian Community Development, Inc.

cultural movement

"RJ music CD will be sold at the event; proceeds go to CCDI and YCCL!

Cultural movement takes action from all of us. The freshest young Cambodian folks from Oakland is taking actions into their own hands to bring awareness to the community. Featuring fresh young new artist born and raise in Oakland, RJ, lyrically engaging storytelling base on life experience. Come support the only Cambodian led Cambodian staffed organization in th...e Bay! Presale tickets: $13 Buy Presale tickets! Why? Because you'll be guaranteed a plate of authentic Cambodian food At the door: $15.00 (food not guaranteed) All fundraised will go to fund the CCDI's "Young Cambodian Community Leaders" or Y-C-square L. We believe Cambodian is beautiful. We believe our language is beautiful. We believe our people are resilient. We are still struggling, but we're also making things happen. You all know our community is shattered often tainted by the poison of backstabbing people, pulling each other down. We know it's true, but it's not unusual or anything to be ashame of. We gotta take things into our own hands and come together as sisters and brothers. It's our time to make a change. Come join the movement." - Facebook page.

Julie is interning for CCDI so definitely BCSA will be there to help out!

Tickets for the show is available for purchase from Julie and KV.



Circles of Conversation:
young cambodian american dialogues

04/24/11circles of conversation

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

April 30th, 2011!!! Mark your calenders!!

Yours truly, the Berkeley Cambodian Student Association, in part with Stanford Student Khmer Association, has generously offered to host the education-focused Khmer American forum Circles of Conversation: Young Cambodian American Dialogues.

Get excited!!
This program will be a great opportunity to engage young Cambodian Americans in a series of conversations about issues that affect our generation with a special focus on the educational journey.  Education in our holistic interpretation includes various facets of education, such as the sense of belonging, the support or lack thereof at home and at school, the challenges encountered in daily life that impact the ability to learn and progress, and that may include violence at home, in the schools, racism, and/or poverty.  This is in addition to trying to get a sense of how well prepared academically our generation feels to access higher education.  We will be participating in an open discussion about our personal experiences, perceptions, and expectations.

The Program:
April 30th @ UC Berkeley, 554 Barrows, 5th Floor at Barbara Christian Conference Room.
Introductions and Discussion will begin at 10am. Lunch will be provided 12-1. Further discussion and conclusions 1pm-3pm. 

The Bigger Picture:
a) To create a resource on Khmer-American youth
a) To replicate these circles of conversations in Chicago, St. Paul, Philadelphia, and Lowell.
b) To use these circles as resources for policy change, beginning with sharing findings with national and local advocacy groups, the APA Congressional Caucus, the National Asian American Justice Center in DC.

Thursday. April 28th: Last chance to RSVP to Circles @ UC Berkeley
Sun. April 30th: Circles of Conversation program @ UC Berkeley.


Facebook Event.

Guest Speaker:

Bouy Te
Professor Um

Please forward this email to any students or organizations in the bay area that may have interest in attending.


Best Regards,
Circles of Conversation CORE



Transcending Day Zero Memorial Week 2011.

04/16/11 12:30AMbcsa tdz2011

The Berkeley Cambodian Student Association is proud to present "Transcending Day Zero Week" in commemoration of the Cambodian Genocide.

On April 17, 1975, also known as Day Zero in Cambodia, the Khmer Rouge took over the capital city of Phnom Penh and began a brutal genocide lasting until 1979 that resulted in the deaths of over 1.7 million people. Transcending Day Zero Week aims to explore the history and raise awareness of the Cambodian genocide while providing the opportunity for reflection and healing. The series of events will offer unforgettable educational experiences as well as celebrate the resilience of the Cambodian community and culture here in the United States.

This is the second year that BCSA has organized a week's worth of events related to this important period in history. Please come and show your support!

For information about each event, read below:

************************** ************************** ***

MONDAY | April 18, 2011

Day Zero Candlelight Vigil

6:00-8:00pm, Campanile Esplanade (area next to the campanile)

Learn about the history of the Cambodian genocide and help honor the memories of victims and survivors in our annual candlelight vigil. enemies of the people bcsa

WEDNESDAY | April 20, 2011

"Enemies of the People" Film Screening

7:00-9:00pm , 112 Wurster, *Free Admission*

Watch the award-winning documentary and culmination of a decade of work by one of Cambodia’s best investigative journalists, Thet Sambath. The film is his journey to discover not how but why his family died in the Killing Fields. In doing so, he hears and understands for the first time the real story of his country’s tragedy through testimonies by those who perpetrated of the massacres. Sambath’s work represents a watershed both in Cambodian historiography and in the country’s quest for closure on one of the world’s darkest episodes.

View the trailer:

Enemies of the People Movie Trailer from Rob Lemkin on Vimeo.

THURSDAY | April 21, 2011

"Witnessing History" Genocide Survivor Panel

6:00-8:00pm, 554 Barrows

Participate in an intimate discussion with genocide survivors about their life experiences.

FRIDAY | April 22, 2011

BCSA Culture Showcase

6:00pm-8:00pm, 2040 VLSB, *Free Admission*

Join us for an evening of performances displaying both traditional and modern Cambodian culture.

facebook event




Oakland Cambodian New Year 2011

oakland cambodian new year 2011



BCSA will be tabling at this event along with CCDI to fundraise for YCCL and CCDI.


who killed chea vichea

Film - Documentary | April 6 | 7:30-9:30 p.m. | 2040 Valley Life Sciences Bldg.

Speaker: Rich Garella, Producer, Loudmouth Films

Sponsor: Southeast Asia Studies, Center for

This documentary, released in 2010, covers the story of Cambodian labor activist Chea Vichea who was assassinated in 2004. The film explores the state of Cambodia’s politics relating to the murder, and implications for the future. Rich Garella, the film's producer, will be available for Q&A after the screening. To date, the film has been banned from being shown in Cambodia.

Open to audience: All Audiences

Attendance restrictions: Free admission. Be advised that the subject matter and some scenes are not appropriate for children under 13 years of age.

Event Contact:, 510-642-3609


Who Killed Chea Vichea Official Website.


"The Virginity Trade" Documentary Screening.virginity trade

Thursday, March 10 · 7:00pm - 9:00pm @ 60 Evans

Created by International Justice Mission UC Berkeley Chapter.

Come join us for the free screening of the film, "The Virginity Trade" (2009) and learn more about the human trafficking and sex slavery trade in Cambodia.

'Cambodia: The Virginity Trade' is the compelling and utterly alarming account of the lives of girls and women affected by the virginity trade that exists in Cambodia today. Many Asian men believe that obtaining a virgin girl for sex will grant them extra health and luck. Subsequently, there is a huge demand for young Cambodian girls, and the demand feeds the country's sex industry. 'Cambodia: The Virginity Trade' documents all sides of this nightmarish story of Cambodian girls in crisis. Intimate and revealing interviews are held with the men who buy the virginity of young girls, politicians, the police, senior NGO's and the victims themselves. Written by Zealot Films. For more information, visit: uk/

Afterwards will be a short discussion about the film, the work of IJM, and what we, as students, can do to fight against the issue of human trafficking and sex slavery.

Hope to see you there!


Ambivalent Allies: China, Cambodia, and the Politics of Mutualandrew mertha Resistance

Colloquium | February 11 | 4-6 p.m. | IEAS conference room, sixth floor

Location: 2223 Fulton Street, Berkeley, CA 94720

Speaker/Performer: Andrew Mertha, Government, Cornell University

Sponsors: Chinese Studies, Center for (CCS), Institute of East Asian Studies, Southeast Asia Studies, Center for

In this talk the speaker sketches the relationship between the China and Democratic Kampuchea (DK) between 1975 and 1979, focusing on Chinese foreign aid, infrastructure assistance, and trade. He argues that the Sino-DK relationship was complex and contradictory, reflecting the domestic convulsions of the two countries as it evolved. It was not simply a response to the downturn in Sino-Vietnamese relations; nor was it a function of revolutionary solidarity. Beijing’s support for the regime in Phnom Penh was based on international commercial and strategic interests which suggest important continuities with Chinese external aid, assistance, and investment today.

Target audience: All Audiences

Open to audience: All Audiences

Event Contact:, 510-643-6321

stories in stones

Book Event.

Monday, January 31 - 4:00 p.m.

John Burgess, journalist

john burgess

Stories in Stone: The Sdok Kok Thom Inscription and the Enigma of Khmer History (River Books, 2010)

IEAS Conference Room, 6th floor, 2223 Fulton St.

The founding of an empire atop a holy mountain, a king's gifting of golden pitchers to a priest--these and other intriguing accounts come down to us in the Sdok Kok Thom Inscription, one of the world's most important ancient testaments. Carved into a sandstone monolith at an 11th Century temple, it describes the early events, ritual and personalities of the Khmer Empire, builder of Cambodia's Angkor Wat. Introduced by Penny Edwards, Chair, Center for Southeast Asia Studies. This talk is part of the IEAS Book Series "New Perspectives on Asia."

Event Contact:, 510-642-2809

Organized by the Institute of East Asian Studies. Review by

KV - 1/30/11 8:19 PM

BCSA as a part of CCDI's Cultural Movement for a New Beginning.

cultural movementcultural movementcultural movement

3/23/11 2:00AM

Yesterday's event brought to you by Oakland's CCDI was a welcoming one to start out the newly represented YCCL, Young Cambodian Community Leaders, into the heart of Oakland's city street to pave ways and opportunities for the younger generations. Our club are very grateful t volunteer and be a part of the event that aimed to not only fundraise for YCCL and CCDI, but to bring much needed awareness about the social problems that YCCL and CCDI hope to mend. Many BCSA members, current and alumnis, came to help out on Saturday morning in the midst of rain and provided the service necessary to put on a great show. The connection, aptly place by our Co-President Julie, open may doors for our own, including me, to opportunities and projects that would otherwise be harder to attain on our own. For this, I, personally want to say thank you to Julie for introducing me to RJ, to CCDI, to YCCL and eventually to many interesting people who share the same interest in helping and providing opportunities for the Oakland community. It was a very engaging process altogether on how an event was placed together and essentially became a close-nit family as everyone provided their best effort collectively through the nervousness and tension for our performers and logistical setbacks. But at the end, the first ever "Cultural Movement for a New Beginning" came to connect people of old, people of new, with shared interest and support for a part of Oakland that entitles to much more than what is given.

mc buna zonatraditional musicsoudany

The show started with lunch as our MC's Buna and Zona, BCSA'ers, provided informational and inspirational words, along with some comical relief, to move the event along. As lunch was being served, the turnout of people attending was more than expected as more chairs were needed to fill any empty space in the East Art Alliance Center. The main part of the show got under way with the short documentary of Traditional Music played by RJ's and Bee's father. The video, shot and edited by Talaya's fiancee, Ben, enlightened many audiences about a part of Cambodian culture that was almost lost by acts of the Khmer Rouge. The video was well received with applauses and ended with an actual live performance by the performers in the video. The next act was YCCL's very own Ravy.


Ravy is a veteran Khmer dancer and has perform many traditional dances in the past. For this event, Ravy performed a traditional dance to almost perfection echoing the traditional quality of the Royal Ballet themselves. The next performer was 9 years old singer sensation Soudany. A little bit nervous, but all talent and heart, Soudany sang two beautiful Khmer song back to back that ended with the loudest of applauses by the audience. Following Soudany and sporting a different kind of vocal, Cristna came on stage and verbally spoke about the "injustices" he sees in his everyday life. His performance was filled with dictations of powerful rhymes and reverberations of genuine sincerity.

Next up is "Kmurf", what? yes "Kmurf" or "K-murf" with a hyphen. Long story short, "Kmurf" is the combination of Khmer Hattaman dancing with "turfing" and is the brainchild of Bee the performer. This interesting combo starts off with a new interpretation of the "monkey king" dance that transforms with body movements in line with breakdancing, krunking and renditions of many other styles in which altogether presented with a short but interesting dance that surely will be more to come. Last but not least, the event's final act is handed down to RJ, and a little bit of me since I took part in editing his intro video (which can be seen below). RJ's first performance started with an introduction video that I edited together with powerful words from RJ that I was able to captured during sessions at CCDI. After the video was finished, RJ came on the stage and continue the instrumental flow with actual lyrics of the song "Intro to Kampot". His second song took on an acapella flow that started out with members of CCDI taking stage and reciting hardship stories of young females in Oakland and ended with RJ versing out lines empowered by the acapellic style. RJ's last song took on a playful approach as Buna asked a female volunteer, his friend Tiffany to come on stage. Little did she know that she was to be the centered piece of the song title as RJ serenade her with playful rhymes of "Sross Euy San Sross" and rapping how beautiful she is, with the intention of showing appreciation for the womyn in our life.

rj kampotrjrj sross euy san sross


The show ended with the announcements of raffle ticket winners and some traditional "raam vong" (circle dance) with our MC, Buna, breakdancing and doing the split. Overall it was a great experience and all the effort from everyone panned out awesomely for an event that did start with just a movement, a cultural movement for a new beginning.

group pic


Commentary on Andrew Mertha's “Ambivalent Allies: China, Cambodia, and the Politics of Mutual Resistance.

by KV 2/13/11 11:50PM

Professor Andrew Mertha's Lecture on the relation of China and Democrat Kampuchea enlightens the economical aspect of China's influence on the Khmer Rouge experiment. Through research of archival trading done in Phnom Penh in Cambodia's National Archive, Professor Mertha was able to unearth the validity of Beijing's support of the Khmer Rouge; emphasizing intentions and plans for international commercial interest. As Mertha puts it, “Chinese assistance to Kampuchea was more than substantial and significant” and almost a continuous function that started back in the 1950's. And yet, China has been denying all claims of this relation with Democratic Kampuchea (Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge) seems to be non-existence.

Significant findings that unravels and support Mertha's claim is the airfield that was found from the 1999 mapping of Cambodia in Krang Loew. According to Mertha, the dirt airstrip was built by slaves, which upon completion were killed off in the likelihood of maintaining the project's secrecy. With the 10,000 skeletons that were found around the airfield, Krang Loew becomes the most death by population ratio under the KR. Despite the empty landscape left behind from the abandoned land field, Mertha showed proof of an underground command center that may have been the headquarter for this inhumane construction providing photos of its existence from his presentation. The last point Mertha wanted to focus on was the location of the airfield. With highways that connects to Phnom Penh, the locality of Kampong Chhnang and Krang Loew almost became a strategic air force base if completed that would allowed China to have a stronghold in an area that acts as the center of Southeast Asia.

Mertha continues on about research when he was able to locate engineering blueprints that shows large scale factory constructions for petrol extraction, crude oil research, and hydro power plants that the DK wanted to build in the aftermath. It was the scale factor, the technicality and the modernization aspect of these construction blueprints that furthers Mertha's argument of China's controlled involvement with the DK. Mertha further elaborate on China's foreign policy to provide continuous aid to lesser developed countries, in which Cambodia became an experimental country for the Communist to enforce the same policy that they failed to execute in their own country in the 1950's. Yet because of China's aid being different than the cutthroat offerings of the IMF (International Monetary Fund), the assistance from China held less strings attached, and thus became more enticing for the DK to accept. With such backings from China, the Khmer Rouge not only was able to get the firepower they need, but Mertha was able to find records that the DK had invested in trading and owned commercial buildings located in Hong Kong as well.

After Professor Mertha's lecture, our very own Professor Edwards points out additional facts that Mertha didn't address in his argument. Professor Edwards indicates the importance of Year Zero, that China was already manufacturing bank notes at the time of the takeover. She also mentioned that during that time, Pol Pot was seen with Chinese Military officials and further concludes over 10,000 Chinese advisers had relocated in Cambodia during 1975-78. In mainland China, the media portrayal of Kampuchea was modified as a generous declaration for China to help undeveloped country to achieve their revolution, which like most other medias, the brutality of a nation was undermined for years. Like a political experiment, even after Vietnam had overturn the KR regime, China, years later still pushes for more Chinese influence in Cambodia in 1992.

After Professor Mertha rebuttals a few facts from Professor Edwards, Professor Um, the first Cambodian to receive a PhD in the United States questions Mertha if he found any reference about the the shipment of rice, the rice that the laborers harvested, were used as payment for the loans KR undertook from China. Unfortunately, no evidence came up and the mysterious rice crops that were harvested and disappeared, will still be a disappearing act the Chinese government will never acknowledge to. The Khmer Rouge regime had undertake a revolutionary propaganda and may have fooled the world, but Mertha's research has revealed the economical bloodshed that used the backbones of 2 million plus Cambodians that will never be forgotten. As the tribunal of China's experiment continues to be judge, the amount of a grain of rice compared to all the rice in the world is the same amount of chance that this tragedy will be forgiven.